Greater Pittsburgh Food Action Priorities 

Key Partners:

City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Health Department, American Heart Association

Why a Food Action Plan?

Because our regional food system faces a number of challenges.

The number of farms in Allegheny County declined from 534 in 2007 to 428 in 2012.

  • 534 in 2007 100% 100%
  • 428 in 2012 80.15% 80.15%

46, 773.51 tons of food waste in Pittsburgh was sent to the landfill.

174,110 people, or 14.2% of Allegheny County, are food insecure.


26.6% of adults in Allegheny County are obese.

We have the resources and the people to address these challenges. The Greater Pittsburgh Food Action Plan will provide the strategy and direction.

The Greater Pittsburgh Food Action Plan is brought to you by Pittsburgh Food Policy Council