Since 2009, the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council (PFPC) has served as a local food system convener. Our current membership includes over 80 governmental, non-profit, academic entities and community members that collaborate to develop comprehensive food policy approaches. As such, we are well poised to lead this planning effort.

 In order to build on our close partnerships, strengthen public sector collaboration, and invite contributions of key stakeholder groups, the Greater Pittsburgh Food Action Plan will be guided by a robust leadership structure. This structure takes the shape of an avocado with three distinct groups: the Project Core, the Project Team, and the Advisory Committee.


Project Core

Cindy Vong – Emerson Hunger Fellow, PFPC –

Dawn Plummer – Executive Director, Pittsburgh Food Policy Council (PFPC) –

Karlin Lamberto – Urban Agriculture Coordinator, PFPC –

Laura Valentine – GPFAP Data Consultant, Productive Places Consulting –

Qiyam Ansari – Project Administrator, PFPC –

Sam Applefield – GPFAP Project Coordinator, PFPC –

Sarah Buranskas – Food Access Coordinator, PFPC –


Project Team

 Ahmed Tacumba TurnerBraddock Youth Project

Anne Marie KucheraUPMC Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh Healthy Schools Program

Blair Schoenborn – Healthy Food Access Program Manager, Bridgeway Capital

Claudy Pierre – Founder, Eminent Hospitality

Cynthia Caul – Outreach Coordinator, CRAFT, Chatham University

Darla Cravotta – Director, Community Relations and Special Projects, Allegheny County

Donna Scharding – Environmental Health Supervisor, Allegheny County Health Department

Hannah E. Hardy – Chronic Disease Prevention Program Manager, Allegheny County Health Department

Heather Manzo – Executive Director, Allegheny County Conservation District

Helen Gerhardt – Grassroots Organizers, Just Harvest

Jake Seltman – Executive Director, Grow Pittsburgh

Jamil Bey – President and CEO, UrbanKind Institute

Jonathan Burgess – Policy Director, Urban Agriculture Program Lead, Allegheny County Conservation District

Jordan RomanusRestaurant Opportunities Center Pittsburgh

Ken Regal – Executive Director, Just Harvest

Lauren ConnellyAllegheny County Economic Development

Malik Hamilton – Supervisor, Food Services Purchasing, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Maria Graziani – Extension Educator, Penn State Extension

Mim Seidel – Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Falk School of Sustainability, Chatham University

Molly Bernsten – Education Specialist, Penn State Extension

Plaxedes Chitiyo – Assistant Professor, Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Raqueeb Bey – Garden Resource Coordinator, Grow Pittsburgh

Rebecca Bykoski – Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Program Manager, Sustainable Pittsburgh

Shelly Danko+Day – Urban Agriculture and Food Policy Advisor to the Mayor, City of Pittsburgh

Zaheen Husain – Sustainability Coordinator, New Sun Rising



Advisory Committee

Abigail Horn – Deputy Director, Office of Community Service, Allegheny County

Alice Julier – Associate Professor and Director, Food Studies Program, Chatham University

An Lewis – Executive Director, Steel Rivers Council of Governments

Art King – Owner, Harvest Valley Farms

Austin Davis – 35th District Representative, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives

Cassa Collinge – Manager, Consumer Programs, Allegheny County of Economic Development

Curtistine Walker – Food Service Director, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Darla Cravotta – Director, Community Relations and Special Projects, Allegheny County

Deb Gross – 7th District Representative, Pittsburgh City Council

Edward Gainey – 24th District Representative, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives

Erika Strassburger – 8th District Council Representative, Pittsburgh City Council

Jake Wheatley – 19th District Representative, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives

Jim Ladlee – Assistant Director Energy, Business, and Community Vitality Programs, Penn State Extension

Karen Hacker – Director, Allegheny County Health Department

Laura Drogowski – Critical Communities Initiatives Manager, City of Pittsburgh, Mayor’s Office

Lew Vilotti – Director of Planning and Development, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission

Mark Critz – Executive Director, Rural Development Council

Megan Stanley – Deputy Director, Commission on Human Relations, City of Pittsburgh

Patrick Catena – 4th District Councilman, Allegheny County Council

Ray Gastil – Director of City Planning, City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning

Roseanne Javorsky – Interim Exectuive Director, Allegheny Intermediate Unit

Scott Sheely – Special Assistant for Workforce Development, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Tiffany Webb – Associate Professor, Behairoal and Community Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh



Engagement Sessions

Karlin Lamberto

Sam Applefield

Molly Berntsen

Claire Matway

Russ Thorsen

Helen Gerhardt

Mel Cronin

Leeland Scales

Rebecca Bykoski

Policy Pathway

Dawn Plummer

Sam Applefield

Dennis McManus

Itha Cao

Jonathan Burgess

Jim Price

Shelly Danko+Day

Ken Regal

Data Team

Laura Valentine

Sarah Buranskas

Justin Gilmore

Cynthia Caul

Abigail Horn

Lynda Jones


Strategy Inventory

Sarah Buranskas

Rebecca Bykoski

Mim Seidel


Dawn Plummer

Blair Schoenborn

Laura Valentine

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