Engagements Sessions

In order to make sure we heard from neighbors who are facing food security issues, we held seven community engagement sessions throughout Allegheny County. During these sessions, we asked: what’s working, what are your needs and challenges, what are your priorities, and what are your solutions?

State of The Food System Report

In order to develop a shared understanding of how to strengthen our food system, we must first have shared baseline knowledge. The State of the Food System Report provides this information in a comprehensive, holistic analysis of the food system in Allegheny County. The report, for residents, stakeholders, policymakers, and planners, lays out current food system indicators, recent trends, relevant policies, and points to key indicators for future work.

Food Policy Audit

A Food Policy Audit is a tool, created in 2010 at the University of Virginia, to assess municipal level food policies. The Pittsburgh Food Policy Council adapted the original tool and distributed it to all 130 municipalities in Allegheny County. The 24 responses that were received clarify where current strengths and potential opportunities exist in food policy throughout the county.