Food Policy Audit

Developed in 2010 by faculty at the University of Virginia, the Food Policy Audit is an assessment tool that inventories formal and informal food-related policies in a municipality; with this knowledge, a community has a better understanding of how local governmental and non-governmental actors can play an active role in improving the food system. The Pittsburgh Food Policy Council adapted this tool to create a 41-question survey with questions related to six major themes: coordination and communication, public health, economic development, environmental impacts, social equity, and land conservation/access to land for food production. In mid-January, the survey was shared with Allegheny County municipalities, and results will be forthcoming. 

Our Process

To understand the changes needed in the Allegheny County food system, we need to know how the system works. What does our food system look like now, and what information do we have about it? The GPFAP will use a set of baseline measures, developed with public and partner data, to describe the food system as it is now. We will develop recommendations based on the current state of the food system, and suggest ways to evaluate the outcomes of the project over time. We are committed to making our data use and processes transparent.


Our Findings

Some highlights from our data collection and analysis can be seen below. For more comprehensive information, see the full reports. 


State of the Food System Report